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The European Biological Inorganic Chemistry Conference (EuroBIC) series is held biannually in Europe but attracts scientists from all over the world. EUROBIC was the result of a merger of the Swiss-Italian SIMBIC conference and the French-German SAMBAS conference. The aim is to create a forum and promote collaboration between scientists in the highly multidisciplinary field of Biological Inorganic Chemistry, ranging from biology to inorganic chemistry.
EUROBICs usually span over five days and include around a hundred oral presentations and a few hundred poster presentations. Oral presentations are divided into "plenary lectures" (about 1 h) that are joint for the entire conference and parallel sessions including "keynote lectures" (about 30 min), "session lectures" (about 25 min) and "oral lectures" (about 20 min). More recently, "young researcher presentations" (15 min) and "poster flash presentations" (3 min) have been included to promote early state researchers (postdocs and PhD students).

Since 1994 (EuroBIC-2), the European Medal for Bioinorganic Chemistry, also denoted EUROBIC Medal Award, is presented in conjunction with the conference, customary as part of the closing ceremony.

EUROBIC Conferences to date

2022 EuroBIC-16: Grenoble, France
2020 EuroBIC-15: Reykjavik, Iceland (2day webinar only due to Covid-19 pandemic)
2018 EuroBIC-14: Birmingham, United Kingdom
2016 EuroBIC-13: Budapest, Hungary
2014 EuroBIC-12: Zurich, Switzerland
2012 EuroBIC-11: Granada, Spain
2010 EuroBIC-10: Thessaloniki, Greece
2008 EuroBIC-9: Wroclaw, Poland
2006 EuroBIC-8: Aveiro, Portugal
2004 EuroBIC-7: Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
2002 EuroBIC-6: Lund, Sweden
2000 EuroBIC-5: Toulouse, France
1998 EuroBIC-4: Seville, Spain
1996 EuroBIC-3: Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands
1994 EuroBIC-2: Firenze, Italy
1992 EuroBIC-1: Newcastle, United Kingdom

Topics covered

Metals in Medicine - Therapeutic and Diagnostic Agents
Bioinspired Catalysis
Biomimetic Systems
Metal Trafficking
Metals and Oxidative Stress
Metals and Nucleic Acids - Chemical and Biological Aspects
Metal - Based Environmental Chemistry
Metal Related Diseases
Metals and Neurodegeneration
Computational Aspects and Metal Containing Molecules
Chemical Bioinformatics
Metals - Light and Life
Structure - Function Correlation in Metal Containing Biomolecules
Bioinspired Coordination Chemistry Biopharmaceuticals-Drug Delivery