EuroBIC Medal 2022: Awardee selected

Upcoming EuroBICs

17th European Biologic Inorganic Chemistry Conference (EuroBIC-17), Münster, Germany: Aug 25-29, 2024 >>Webpage<<
18th European Biologic Inorganic Chemistry Conference (EuroBIC-18), Groningen, The Netherlands: 2026

Applications to host EuroBIC-19 in 2028

Call to submit a bid
The EuroBIC conferences are organized and chaired exclusively by members of the European Biological Inorganic Chemistry community. EuroBIC conferences are strictly non-profit and all efforts are made to keep conference fees as low as possible to allow the maximum number of participants to attend these largest European meetings of Biological Inorganic Chemists. It is a particular concern to promote young scientists from the PhD student level on by low special fees and opportunities to present their results - not only in form of posters but also with dedicated time slots for oral presentations.
Bids should include:

  • Letter of intent signed by the co-chairs (optimum number 2, participation of women encouraged)
  • Support letter(s) from the Institute/Faculty/University (and/or)
  • Proposal of conference date(s)
  • Description of conference location
  • Preliminary conference schedule
  • Preliminary budget and registration fees
  • Cost of housing/hotels, in particular low cost housing for students

  • Deadline for bids is one month before the start of the next EuroBIC

    Bids (everything combined in a single pdf file) must be sent by e-mail to the EuroBIC Secretary and at least one of the co-chairs must be present at the next EuroBIC conference (that is EuroBIC-17 in Münster) to present the proposal to the committee.
    The committee consists of seven members with voting rights: Two co-chairs each of the past, present, and future EuroBICs, as well as the EuroBIC Secretary.

    Live Webinar featuring the Plenary Lecturers of EuroBIC-15:

    Aug. 17/18, 2020 (see program)
    The following recordings are available for later viewing:
    PL-1 Sylvestre Bonnet - "Photoactivated chemotherapy based on transition metals towards the treatment of hypoxic tumors"
    PL-2 Sonja Herres-Pawlis - "Guanidines strike back: Exceptional substrate diversity in oxygenation reactions catalyzed by bis(μ-oxo) copper complex"
    PL-3 Jens Müller - "Metal-modified DNA: Where bioinorganic chemistry meets supramolecular chemistry"
    PL-4 Eric Skaar - "The intersection of nutrition and infection at the host-pathogen interface"
    PL-8 Kallol Ray - "Small molecule activation at transition metal centers: Structure-function correlations"
    PL-9 Stéphane Ménage - "Deciphering the mechanism of artificial enzymes: A rationale for the unexpected selectivity of an artificial Ru-dependent oxidase for alkene conversion"

    EuroBIC-15 in Iceland was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic

    EuroBIC Medal 2024 for young scientists

    Deadline January 03, 2024

    Call for nominations/applications
    The EuroBIC medal is awarded biannually at the occasion of the "European Biological Inorganic Chemistry Conferences" (EuroBICs). The medal will be given to a younger scientist in her/his early career, doing exciting and top-level research in the field of Bioinorganic Chemistry in a laboratory of a European country and being an active member of the European Bioinorganic Chemistry community.
    Nominees should have received the Ph.D. degree no longer than 15 years before the nomination deadline, and should not be fully established (tenured professorship, directorship etc.). The medalist will present a plenary lecture at the next EuroBIC conference, which will take place in Münster, Germany: 2024.
    Nominations/applications are requested to be sent electronically to the present EuroBIC secretary (Eva Freisinger) and should contain the following items:

  • Letter of nomination/application (not to exceed 2 pages) describing the accomplishments of the candidate and her or his active contribution to the European Bioinorganic Chemistry community (e.g. participation in at least two of the last three EuroBIC conferences)
  • CV (maximum 2 pages), complete list of publications
  • copies (PDF format) of the three most important publications by the candidate that support the nomination/application
  • two letters of support of established researchers from the field of bioinorganic chemistry
  • Self-nominations are possible

  • Deadline for nominations for the EuroBIC MEDAL 2024 is January 03, 2024.

    The selection committee consists of 6-8 members, namely 2-3 previous medal winners and 4-5 senior European Bioinorganic Chemists of different expertise and different nationalities. The EuroBIC secretary is in charge of organizing the selection process, but does not vote herself.